Frequent Asked Questions

What is Bike Share?
Bike sharing is a membership-based system for short-term bicycle rental. Users can check out a bicycle from a network of automated stations, ride to the station nearest their destination, and leave the bicycle safely locked for someone else to use. While traditional bike rentals are loaned out for half-day or longer, bike sharing is designed for short, quick trips. Stations connect users to transit, businesses and other destinations, often providing the "last-mile connection".
How to Rent a Bike?
  1. Log on to and click on “New Rider”
  2. Fill in Details to Create your Profile
  3. Select Pass
  4. Read and agree Terms and Conditions
  5. Fill in Credit/Debit Card Details
  6. Unlock Bike by using the user code received
How to Return the Bike?
  1. Insert bike into docking station. Press Enter to activate the lock
  2. Wait for 1 “beep” sound and “RETURN OK” message on the screen
  3. If you heard 3 “beep” sound and “FAILURE” message displayed on the screen, try with other dock again.
How does the rental rates work?
Kindly refer the pricing page for more info
My bike tire is punctured during the ride. What should I do?
Kindly make a report by call or email to Melaka Bike Share and return the bike back to a station. We recommend that the bike is inspected before being taken out from a station to avoid taking out a bike with deflated tires.
I accidentally broke the rear light. How can I inform the company about the damage? How much I will be charged?
Kindly make a report by call or email to Melaka Bike Share and return the bike back to a station.  We will investigate on the matter once we receive the report.
The pedal fell off during the ride. What should I do?
If you are able to retrieve the pedal, kindly keep it in the basket and push the bike to nearest station. Please notify our customer service via call or email.
The bike display shows “Overtime”. What does it mean?
This means you have exceeded the rental hour. You must return the bike to the station immediately to avoid subsequent late return charge.
The bike display show “Low Battery”. What does it mean?
The bike display requires servicing. We advise you to take another bike instead.
I parked my bike outside the shop but when I return, the bike is not there anymore. What should I do?
Please contact our customer service via call at +6018-3657163
Why it is so difficult to press the Enter button?
This could be the bike display in low battery. Try to press couple of times to activate it.
The bike I took from the dock a while ago has a flat tire. Can I take a different bike instead?
Yes. We want our rider to have great riding experience and highly encourage the rider to take a good and functional bike
What will happen if I leave the bike at the dock and leave immediately before I heard a beep?
It is very important for the rider to wait for the beep sound and “RETURN OK” message appears on the screen. Single beep sounds means the bike is successfully returned. Three time beep sounds means the bike is not returned yet and you need to reposition the bike properly by taking the bike out and slot it into the dock again or try other dock if the same error still persist. If the bike is not returned properly, it still considered the rental time is still on-going.
What should I do if I forgotten my 7 digit code?
You can retrieve the code by login into your account at
If there is an emergency, who should I contact?
Please contact our customer service via call at +6018-3657163